snow-remembered isle, 21st January 2017

I was looking forward to winter… since 2010 almost no snow here, and when it came it wasn’t prolonged, a day at best then gone…… the village snowed-in for days where only the bravest of tractors could or would brave the white compacted roads to semi-slip and slide their way through the drifts……

I even spent several hours one morning snow-shoveling a couple of feet of drifting from my driveway between the car and the gate, followed by digging out the said car… but to no end being that the roads were now decidedly un-carworthy without chains at best (I didn’t have chains), basically crampons for cars, so apart from looking up to see a now relatively snow-free drive, that is until the next snowfall that night, it was for all intents and purposes a bit silly…. only the most stoic and tenacious of vehicles could’ve ventured forth, and mine was neither stoical nor tenacious……

I remember it well… fondly, despite getting hypothermia one day… and no exaggeration…. while being drawn out into the wilds of white by the inevitable wow-factor of a snow-duveted landscape in my steel-toe-capped wellies……. and being I have a condition that makes me unnaturally-prone to getting unnaturally cold even when it’s warm never mind when it’s as I said (and it was) cold, I should’ve known better…. but with all the sense of an five year old on seeing their first snow (it wasn’t my first snow, nor was I five) I wandered abroad snapping for hours… and hours…. until….. the decidedly unpleasant symptoms crept up on me, as they do, and before I knew it I was barely able to stay upright……. I did eventually manage to make it back and promptly threw-up and more, but was luckily rescued by friends and spent the rest of the day slowly warming up safely indoors……. see, these are the winters I miss!…. madness I know, and some would think I’m completely off my head wanting winter to be properly winter and not days on end of a dank, moody grey not worth its rocksalt to call it ‘winter‘……..

there’s still time of course…. but….. the days are already lengthening and dawning birdsong day by day getting more into spring swing…… of course I have conditions for a proper winter….. access to an open fire and endless supplies of coffee and hot chocolate…. and cinnamon ginger cake!

(ps….. good grief this is a long blog!…. there’s a good chance you might not’ve made it this far)


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