I listen to the birds, 20th January 2017

the one thing 2016 taught me was don’t trust trust….. it’s an overrated commodity and one certain to lead down paths oh my, oh my, oh my, to-do to-do, what a to-do….. the shit hits the fan every day one way or another, somewhere or other, it’s just 2016 it seemed to hit in the bucket-loads and as for this year, welcome to day 20 folks, it’s not looking any less excrematic……. and apparently somewhere or other something big is happening that will “give voice to those who have no voice…”, as in it seems the bigots, chauvinists, misogynists, racists and bullies….. although the second half of this statement remains unspoken, “… by taking it away from everyone else”……. all done with the sleight-of-hand, twin dark arts of nepotism and sycophancy…… it’s amazing how many ‘friends‘ you have when the word “billionaire” is tagged onto the front of your name…… and if that word itself isn’t suggestive enough of elitism then I don’t know what is…… and into the pot with an evil laugh goes shovels of isolationism, sprinklings of homophobia, fistfuls of xenophobia, lashings of women-bashing, reams and reams of “we’re all in this together folks”, spiced with secret handshakes, back-door deals, whisperings of ‘who you know not what you know’, muttering those magic words, ((twitter-twitter-tweet!))… voila.. sludge!…… a triumph for the politics of polar-opposites, “you’re either with us or against us”…. reality TV just got ‘real’…….. today I’ll listen to the birds and ponder what is and what should never be….

ps….. thanks for reading, and remember folks, “I tell it like it is”……. (tongue firmly in cheek)…. meanwhile here’s a picture of a cat…




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