a tail of two birds, 19th January 2017

goldcrest in the garden this morning!….. actually they’re here all through winter but being the smallest british birds, even tinier than a wren if that’s possible which it clearly is for goldcrests, and incidentally for lots of other tiny things such as mayflies, slugs, fleas, aphids…. I could go on but I think you get the picture….. to continue, being the smallest british birds they are tricky to spot not least because of their habit of flitting through usually dense undergrowth like they’re on speed, or in their case high-protein, tinier-than-them insects… and they have a voice pitched so high that its almost out of human hearing, almost…… and on merely a glance are often mistaken for wrens, although they don’t have that bold, in-your-face upright tail wrens sport on their respective rumps… and we all have a respective rump, even something as tiny as a wren… and a goldcrest in fact….. if you’ve never seen a wren with which to use as a measure of the size, or smallness of a goldcrest, then imagine a male peacock, with its tail all sticky-uppy…. then put that image clear out of your mind as the wren is at the polar opposite end of the size spectrum… although, it does have an upright tail, albeit much smaller as befitting a wren.. a tail the size of a peacock on a wren would be mind-bogglingly outrageous….. also wrens have a much more mellifluous song, whereas a peacocks is simply bloody annoying, akin to a backwards donkey gone wrong……. so the goldcrest is smaller than even a wren, and clearly tinier than the overblown peacock…. if you don’t know what a peacock looks like then forget everything I’ve just said and go back to bed…


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