in my de-fence, 15th January 2017

yesterday I had christmas cake….. very lush and tasty christmas cake, not too much and not not enough….. in the middle of january too….. so it’s either early christmas cake or late christmas cake….. perhaps it should be called january cake…….. it had an edible snowman and penguin stuck on the icing…. I should add no penguins were harmed… nor snowmen…….. and some holly leaves, though not real holly leaves, which are well-known to be prickly to eat (unless you’re a giraffe) and decidedly indigestible…… I saw a fence……

it wasn’t just an ordinary fence…… 850 metres of post and wire fencing, as in round wooden posts to which is attached sturdy stock-proof wire netting approximately 1.5m high taut and stretched along a river set about 3m from the bank……. on one side sheep linger and graze and sometimes gaze longingly at the lusher fenced-off vegetation, much different from theirs looking for all intents and purposes like a lawn… albeit one pockmarked in sheep poo… they only have themselves to blame for having the voracious appetite of a lawnmower… or the farmer who keeps them in such uninspired paddocks and fields……. the fenced riverbank is now after many years verdant and productively presented in trees, shrubs, tussocky grasses and wildflowers which, if the sheep had their way would be summarily chewed and pooed……. as such this riparian haven was now bountiful in wildlife…….. there’s even an artificial otter holt…. I should know, I built it for, yes you guessed it, otters…… I also erected the fence, many moons back yonder, and planted most of the trees in the days when I was daft enough to break my back in such endeavours……. which goes some way to explain why I’m such a wreck now……..

I smiled and ate an iced penguin…..


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