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the hyphenated man, 13th January 2017

our hero hasn’t risen from bed yet… and yet his eyes are open… shrouded full moonlight secreted by the clouds is distilled through the far-too thin curtains he really must get around to replacing for a much-preferred black-out type…… shh, don’t tell anyone, it’s friday the 13th…… shh…… why 13?… why a friday?…. why not say wednesday the 27th?…….. he ponders once again realising how prone he is to pondering, like a twitch or a reflex…. or an addiction…….. his ponder-muscle must be remarkably well-developed by now after all these years (all these years…. has it been that long…) of being a ponderer…… certainly much more developed than his other rather pathetic muscles which slump somewhere between flaccid and groan…….. another sleet shower trashes what silence there was…… not that there is much in a gale…… this one’s different, it doesn’t seem to know where it’s going, it’s all over the place… as though, unlike his well-evolved ponder-muscle, seems to have no idea which way it should pull or push, trying to do both at once only to make a less-than-fine hash of it……… welcome the hyphenated wind, the push-pull wind……. I was advised once on meeting someone with a hyphenated last name I should cultivate their friendship, as people with such names invariably do well in life……. not sure if they meant that staying close would allow me to ride on their doing-well shirt-tails, or, vicariously bask in some kind of reflected glory…. I never did heed it… maybe I should hyphenate my last two names and see what, if anything, happens….. I picked up a penny two days ago, shiny penny too, remembering the saying, “find a penny, pick it up, all day long, you’ll have good luck”…. the next day my drains collapsed…….


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