the whole of the moon, 11th January 2017

I saw the whole of the moon….. or was it a hole in the sky?…… I was tempted to put my foot down and drive right through it into a somewhere other than here…… but my car doesn’t fly so it wasn’t going to happen as I skirted the liminal stage of a tide along the coast road…. for a few miles the moon provided a fillip… but soon distractions took hold, as they do……. as the moon continued its bowling ball rolling across the sky…… just as well it didn’t bounce, mimicking some kind of cosmological karaoke… follow the bouncing ball, doesn’t seem right for something as ‘out there‘ as the moon…. unless perhaps it’s for “Blue Moon”, or “Moon River”, or even “The Whole of the Moon”……. it hung around all night too, probably still there as I’m writing this to you dear reader……

I don’t understand karaoke, how can it be in any way relaxing to listen to people singing badly?……. the fact that almost everywhere you go there’s some form of piped music being inflicted on the ears whether we want it or not is bad enough…… I am passionate about music so my ears require the right music at the right time and not just there as some kind of bland, banal, generic wall-art papering over the cracks of aural space…….

christmas is the worse time for it of course, thankfully that’s over… for now at least…….. the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, apparently, which might be why we still don’t get it… catching something blowing in the wind is tricky, like that umbrella turned inside out and ripped from your grip…… note: don’t open an umbrella in a moving car……..


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