post-afterthought, 8th January 2017

peeling a tangerine in one is tricky and usually ends in disappointment… but this morning I did it….. achievement for the day fulfilled, can I go back to bed now?….. though I’m not sure I want to having already woken in a hypnogogic panic remembering… remembering….. all too soon in a land not far enough away from here it’s all change…. from that point on here in Britain we’ll be living in a TrumPutin sandwich….. no doubt a heavily processed, factory-farmed meat one over-stuffed with entrails of bullsh*t and bigotry……. hence the panic……

anyway, back to the tangerine, you know when you start eating something and the words, “this is the best [whatever it is] I’ve ever had!” pop into your mouth, that’s what happened….

every day I hear the excuse that one needs lots of money to have the “luxury” of eating well and fresh…. yet another so-called ‘post-truth’?… quite possibly….. again, tell yourself something enough and voila! it’s a fact….. and surely for those ‘post-truthers’ out there (cue: the X-Files theme music) who claim to eschew facts in favour of what are basically soundbites (next stop….. Twitter!) then once a so-called post-truth becomes a fact they should then disavow it as such, being now a fact….. in the same breath they’ll discredit ‘experts(as in people who actually know something worth knowing) for being experts while they themselves become experts in the post-truths they espouse by pronouncing these to be the ‘real’ facts….. when you hear the line “the fact of the matter is…” then you know what’s coming will be anything but a fact………  I think I’m getting all light-headed…….

…… just saying…. if you rope yourself to a stake in the ground then the only way to go is round and round and ever-decreasingly round…….


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