holey-moley, 4th January 2017

distracted I spied a line of mole hills pockmarking the kerb on the verge of the verge but not quite crossing the road as I drove past staying only long enough to puzzle and ponder the mole who made them…… the world undergound look very different from the world overground without the same boundaries, fences or walls, where roots replace canopies and soil is the sky… that is unless you’re a mole who reaches a road whose incursion goes far below the surface deep into the moles realm and stopping him in his tracks…….

he must have stopped,

attempted to focus unsuccessfully as moles have poor eyesight and as moles don’t wear glasses, or visit opticians I assume as I’ve never seen one there, rely largely on touch, smell and that mole-sense that something isn’t quite right…….

from the line of fresh mounds I presume once hitting the road while clawing and digging his moley-mole way he did what any experienced mole would do, conclude that there must be a way round…… hence the perfect and parallel lines of mole hills on the verge tracing the edge of the kerb….. if they can avoid it moles won’t travel the overground, after all despite their big claws they are actually quite small, the size of a snack for a predator keen-eyed for lunch…….. in the moments it took me to drive past I glanced across to the other verge to see not a mole in sight…… though how I could see what was not there is a ponder I’ll pocket for another time…….. despite this I magicked my skills at not seeing what isn’t there to also not see any moles on the road, flattened or otherwise……. to which I can only conclude that the mole is still there puzzling ways to proceed, or still laboriously tracking the verge of the kerb until perhaps he gets bored, if moles do indeed get bored……..


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