day-lines, 3rd January 2017

where is the darkness?
there is the darkness,

over there

darkness outside there smuggled among the darkness…
here inside huddled around the light that strays from lamps each stretching in attempts to reach the other…
it took a while but winter finally made it, probably last week when it truly found its feet firmly taking root to spread its canopy wider ever wider til every inch of everywhere in every gaze was filled with its unfamiliar familiarity……. maybe I should make a rhyme, and put it in a line followed by another and another line and balance each precipitous, precarious, one above the other… one, two, three… in ones and twos and threes…… keep them close for company… and more for sure will join the smoke and mirror dance like starlings charming kestrels morphing into clouds that vanish on a whim to plummet into reeds to spend the darkness in the darkness just above the ground-below the sky between the stalks and whispering their own dishevelled poetry……. frost…. frost is such a give-away…. once upon a time winters used to be more wintery, as opposed to wintry… once upon a time there was never any doubt but now… but now….. bouts of doubt just linger

over here…

and over there…

is winter getting serious or wearing just a mask…. a long-forgot reminder of a time… which reminds me, what happened to my rhyme, did it ever find another line or maybe two or maybe three to keep it company?……


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