picking up pawns, 2nd January 2017

day 2….. … day 2 already!…. but, but it only feels like yesterday it was new years day…. how time flies when you’re not wearing socks on your ears……… it’s moving apace, before you know it it’ll be christmas all over again…… omg! panic!…. quick! quick! must put the sprouts on now!…….. I wonder what I’ll blog about this year, and if I’ll even maintain this daily ridiculousity of burbling for yet another 365 days, which is at least one day less than last year, but apparently one minute longer……

I do feel, in all likelihood, that I’m not of this world….. but that’s another tale for another time…….

yesterday a chess set sat staring at me from the table upon which it sat perched, looking woodenly and intricately carved and decidedly like a game in progress…… my first thought, all the pieces were still on the board and none yet ‘captured‘…. my next thought, that white knight is staring at me in a most disarming way…….. I picked up a pawn from the end closest, turned its simple black form around in my fingers and replaced it exactly as and where I found it….. I proceeded to do the same with each closest piece, first the bishop, then the castle, the rook, then the king and penultimately the queen, leaving the knight to the last, again replacing each back where I found them evenly centred in their respective squares…….. the white knight still stared from the opposing side, I’m sure disapprovingly, or maybe that was his ‘game-on’ face….. you never can tell what a chess piece is thinking, this is what I learned yesterday….. incidentally, I’m hopeless at chess, just in case you were wondering….



    1. hahaha…. I know that feeling, am easily distracted and have sometimes lost on purpose just to get it over with…… maybe this year I should get into the mind of what makes chess tick….. unless I get distracted first…

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