bird broth, 29th December 2016

fascinating….. I’m in awe of my cutlery……. my knife and fork are magnetised….. I’m dragging one around the plate with the other….. oh what fun we have……talking of death, again…. were we?…. well we are now….. if this year and even the past few weeks have shown me is that ones life’s worth seems to be measured by how well-known you are and little else…. manifested in how many headlines, column inches, trending tables and even ‘likes‘!…. such is the cynical nature of death…… and death is a fact of life…… oops, beware of blindingly-obvious statements in the road, others may be on their way before too long…. as indeed many hands make light work, but only if those hands do what they’re told……. not to mention too many cooks can indeed spoil the broth, after all, it’s broth, how many do you need for such simple task…….. and a bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush to the one in your hand who’d much rather be safely in the bush panicking and worried you may be the said cook making bird broth!…… I have to keep the fork and knife away from each other now, they are getting far too cosy, and it makes eating decidedly tricky….


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