santa rides a harley, 20th December 2016

Santa rides a blue Harley…. it’s true it’s official I saw it and facts are facts, you can’t deny the naked eye…. elves are begging on the street looming from the gloom of doorways long abandoned to “For Sale” signs and poster-layered boardings….. blue light, white light strung and hung in webs overhead draped and wove upon a midnight clear down and down and down the rows of shop displays and mannequins look on, bemused…… flashing, dashing, casting shards of darkness back into midwinter’s pall…… strange how we part with cash, receiving goods from those who themselves later part with cash elsewhere and too receiving goods from those who later too will part with cash probably the very same cash I parted with at first…… bodies mill like iron filings in and out of doorways all-inviting over pavements, streets, passing elves and “For Sale” signs……. some are wearing antlers, I wonder if they know that reindeer don’t wear human ears at this time of the year…….. someone somewhere’s strangling “The Sound of Silence” clumsy strumming straining every note as if it might just be his last….. how fortunate that Santa’s on a Harley and it’s blue, I think I said…….


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