the distant beyond, 19th December 2016

surrounded by silence… except far away in the distant beyond….. a sound like a numbness muffled beneath a cairn……. what will this night bring, sleep I do hope… then what will tomorrow bring, that I don’t know…… but I’m in the distant beyond to those in that distant beyond…. it seems their perspective is mirroring mine, an imperfect reflection in kind……. and here I sit a night interloper squatting some foreigners land, do they even know that I’m here?…….. the accents are strange but the silence is almost the same as silence I know as familiar to me…. but its differences glare like the stare of a bear uncertain on whether to see me as food, a starter or snack, or merely just wander away unconcerned……… I look through the window through trees where the light from my room soon trickles away leaving dark and more dark upon dark upon dark……… I ponder if somehow I’m lost in my own ruminations wandering loose like a lunatic goose or perhaps someone just pulled the plug from the sink and I’m spiralling, spiralling ever-decreasing feeling a little like Alice……….. you see when I write there might be a stutter, a stall, a false start, a thought that is homeless, another just lost, another gone fishing, another to lunch and another that’s simply lost track of the time while staring at something benign…. but then there’s a crash, a wallop and bang, a cry of eureka! and finally just a blink of an eye something makes sense in the silence surrounding the silence that’s far, far away in the distant beyond……


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