brum-brum, 18th December 2016

dear reader… by the time you read this I’ll be gone, gone, gone…. not ‘gone‘ gone, I’ll be gone from here again, there where I usually am  to be in a different where by end of day…. on the road a-travelling and a-roving and a brum-brumming along the coast for mile after mile after coastal mile until without stopping I’ll gate-crash the border and enter (not-so-) merry ole england-o….. land of morris dancing, bowler hats, flat caps, stiff upper lips (and probably lower ones too), ecky thump!, tekkin’ ‘od, a queen, cream teas, jellied eels, landed gentry, bog-snorkeling, wassail!, peter rabbit, stephen fry, parched peas, robin hood and other assorted truisms, stereotypes and bare-faced exaggerations… you just never know which is which…….. as you scan and peruse line after line of my bloggery, or should I call it a ‘troggery‘, as in “travelling bloggery”, I will be most likely in a some other where in between in almost perpetual motion but for critical tea/ coffee/ snack/ bathroom breaks (tick as appropriate)….. talking of bathrooms.. were we?……. during a bath last night a piece of fluff floated form my belly-button…. eeuuwwwww! I hear you wail!… too much information!……. and I panicked!… oh no, I’m losing my stuffing, how will I ever retain my teddy-bear looks without all of my stuffing…. I tried to put it back in but it was too late…….. brum-brum the sound of the engine pistoning eastward, soon I’ll be there, brum-brum, a rumbling, trundling, grumbling hum, brum-brum dear reader brum-brum……………..



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