next! 15th December 2016

next!….. moving on…… times a-wasting a-wasting, times a-wasting time…….. what are they like!… doctors, so wrapped up in their own little specialisms……. I’ve yet to meet one that takes anything close to an holistic approach, as in seeing the whole person…. few even shake your hand, a useful diagnostic tool in itself, others rarely peel their eyes away from their computer screens long enough to see who’s sitting there…..  stuck on the first symptom offered to the detriment of others….. a headache is rarely if ever merely a headache, nor a cold just a cold……. consultants and GP’s the same, the former bloated by self-importance, the latter presumed to be all-rounders instead just generally practised at writing prescriptions and keeping to a strict allotted 9 minutes per patient (if your lucky)…. is it surprising people feel under-valued as little more than one of the ‘next‘ through the cattle shed?……… no wonder the health service is creaking under a weight of all these inconsiderate ill people getting more ill when the core of an issues are never addressed from the start…….. groundhog day until we are someone elses problem, i.e. the grim reaper… so-called ‘conventional medicine’ has grown inflexible, hamstrung by statistics and targets, timekeeping and a reductive attitude placing symptoms over causes…… even food in hospitals is still hopelessly inadequate as though diet is peripheral to health and well-being….. lordy, I do go on a bit don’t I……. bored again…. I could say more but why, no ones listening anyway… maybe I just need to take a tablet and lie down in a darkened room and voila! all better……..


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