the sound of an orange, 13th December 2016

winding down and down and down and down as the year winds down and down and down and down and we all wind down together until.. we…. slowly……. slowly……… stall…….. not only will 2016 be leaving me with a feeling of not belonging here it’s left a nagging suspicion I’m not even the same species the rest of the human race… all crammed under this umbrella of ‘human‘ and yet all so different, not just physiologically (I’m sure males and females are actually different species anyway) but mentally…. a plethora and confusion, and confounding, of differences setting some so far apart as to maybe have evolved separately on the tree of life…. some are simply ‘over the rainbow’……… do I belong where I am, here in Wales, in Britain, on planet earth even?…. but is anywhere else any better?…. (perhaps the much-maligned Pluto and me would get on famously)……. not saying I’m better than anyone else, nor being overly-judgemental even though we all suffer more or less from a bit of that time to time, just that all the niches I’ve tried fitted like hairshirts…. if the xenophobes, isolationists, nationalist bigots et al have their way then at best we’ll only be allowed to ‘belong‘ where we were born, full stop!… which is tricky for halflings like me, not one thing or another but two, though born in one country am of mixed heritage, which would mean I’d have to somehow balance precariously on the border between the two….. depending how thick the line marked on a map actually manifests on the ground would depend how tricky that’d be……. suddenly tired of the sound of my own voice now…. but I do like the sound of a peeling orange…..


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