one and twenty, 10th December 2016

one hour and twenty minutes before I needed to wake up I woke up…… not frustrating, I simply comforted myself that I had another one hour and twenty minutes of sleep left to enjoy….. so I turned over and fell back asleep….. when I woke again one hour and twenty minutes later it felt like I’d slept for several hours, far more than one hour and twenty minutes, as so involved was my off-the-wall dream…… I was on a galleon, huge, massive, as big maybe bigger than an aircraft carrier but it was a galleon…. made entirely of wood with lots of floors, or decks, slanting every which way and stairs and doors of all different sizes, some really narrow…… it had fetched up on dry land so all the wibblyness was down to it simply being wonky…… strangely not a single drink slid off any table despite the abnormal sloping…… it seemed to be a pub, a huge massive pub, full of little bars, several…. real ale kind of bars…. people everywhere… and bar staff too all in tee-shirts and jeans… not a pirate in sight…. or a parrot…….. the wood was bare, knotty, scuffed, well-worn…. corridors narrow, most doors too…… earlier I was accused of being a serial thief and informally tried by some people I thought were friends… we were on some kind of course together, no idea what…… it turned out I wasn’t as I already knew and to prove innocence I outed the pub manager who as it happened was the actual thief… but then he turned into a tiny vole and tried to escape…… did I mention, he was a shape-shifter apparently……. I scrambled all over the floor trying to catch him but have you ever tried to catch a tiny vole?…….. nigh impossible!……. but then the ships cat appeared, set chase, caught him and gobbled him up…. he clearly hadn’t reckoned for the cat, it was a ship after all and all ships have ships cats don’t they……… a most strange hour and twenty minutes…. then I woke up…..


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