imagining snow, 9th December 2016

imagine snow…. covering, smothering, undiscovering, a landscape becoming reformed, reborn, retold with quiet… muting the sounds and the colours that littered before, erasing the ruins, decay, the blemishes, scratches that scarred… uncolouring, unmaking and undefining, refining the details, unraveling knots and severing ties in moments of shades and of white cascades……. swallowing echoes and coveting warmth into crystalline gifts bound up in a motionless sea of monoglot waves that move imperceptible…….. this edge of a silence invites and forbids, without an intention nor malice or threat……. such a temptation to stay here forever, to lay down and close the eyes, conjuring ghosts from each breath of ice…….. mist drapes a gauze leaving clues on each lash too close for the eyes to clear-focus and though each blink might untethers them all soon more will risk the rewards……. and sometime come spring I’ll melt with the snow and never be seen e’er again…..


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