bittersweet: opinion-piece, 8th December 2016


rain, rain, again again, so much rain again, singing rain, ringing rain, on my roof and in my brain (struggled for a rhyme here), this rain is sounding like a train, a rainy train, a train that’s dropped its ‘t‘ somewhere, gone along the way………. “brexit means brexit”…. ah yes, there it is again, straight out of the meaningless phrases handbook of evasion and distraction, alongside “a red, white and blue brexit”…. but politicians will be politicians….. I would say both these phrases will forever be symbolised in the callous murder of Jo Cox, the Labour MP, campaigning to remain in the EU…. wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, human being, who was viciously killed in broad daylight in public by a supporter of the ‘leave Europe’ campaign…… welcome to ‘brexitannia’, land of hate, division, intolerance and astronomical levels of ignorance……  just as the 2016 US election may come to be defined as “I’m pro-life!…. now let’s give everyone a gun”….. a stance championed by a billionaire who treats politics as a game show (and electorate as it’s fodder), claims to stand for the ‘common man‘ while surrounding himself with identikit million/ billionaires, and devises policy on Twitter, a place where attention spans are that of a goldfish……… like it or not globalisation has established a climate of dependence between countries which would be most effectively managed through co-dependence, or ‘cooperative dependence’, instead of opting for a con-dependence, or ‘conflict dependence’… the former fostering supporting, exchange and trust, the latter sowing division, intolerance and mistrust, essentially a ‘them‘ and ‘us‘ culture……. I don’t mind which way people vote as long as it’s not out of utter wilful ignorance, which, if the vox-pops are anything to go by seems to be the case……. but hey, it’s just a thought……. and still it’s raining, again again, so much rain again…….. who left this ‘t‘ lying here?…..