yo-yo yay-yay, 7th December 2016

christmas is coming…… as if you can’t tell…. riding sledshod and adorned in tacky tinsel, flashing lights and demanding “Santa stop here!” signs…… with the worst of the worst festive tunery ear-worming an unhappy-slapping trail into the ears from every shop aisle and doorway while the eyes are assailed with a parasitic epidemic of christmas jumpers leaping out from behind every stack of stodgyness-a-bounds mince pies ready and willing to defile your taste buds……. I haven’t seen any floppy-felt antlers yet but have had a close-call with a certain individual wearing a equally floppy-felty mistletoe with the words “kiss me quick!” (yet more exclamatory demands)… luckily I think they forgot they were wearing (in itself worrying) and I slipped stealthily passed…. either that or they took one look at me and as I had at them and decided….. eeuuuwww no way!……… I found a yo-yo yesterday… it’s green, wooden, even has the string on it….. I haven’t thought about yo-yo’s for years and to my delight discovered I can still yo-yo!… yay-yay me!…… if that’s all I get this christmas that’ll be fine…….. I also found three sticks… yes, seems my findings often come in three’s, except the yo-yo, that clearly came in two’s…. yo and yo…….. walking sticks to be precise, behind an information counter in a supermarket, which I am guessing means three people have left the shop without their stick… or have they?…. I feel an almost Schrödinger’s cat moment coming on… if they need a stick to walk yet left it here how could they walk out?….. unless they’re still there, as not seeing them doesn’t mean they aren’t… absence does not disprove presence…… me thinks a strong drink and a sit down is required…



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