the reluctant wake, 4th December 2016

the reluctant waker wakes reluctantly to rub reluctant sleep from each reluctantly waking eyes to join the equally reluctant sun reluctantly rising humming “no sooner had we rested then its back to work again, again, no sooner had we rested then it’s back to work again….” ….. the reluctant waker waits before making a single move until reluctantly each limb will twitch… then flinch… and stretch…… and yawn…. and ache… and bend where it’s supposed to bend and not where it shouldn’t……. the reluctant waker reluctantly turns his reluctant head and focuses reluctantly each waking eye, one then two, to stares adjusting in the dark that’s just as dark as the dark that was when slipping into sleep however many reluctant hours ago…. but ’twas now a different dark… a dark that’s running out of dark the bottom of the glass to be usurped by seeping, seeping light that  fills and fills til til brimming it will pour… the reluctant waker shakes the dreams and ‘mares that stalked and haunted bent in huddled shapes incomprehensible the past few darkly hours asleep to be confronted by the not-reluctant day impatient waiting, waiting, waiting to the sound of tap, tap, tapping…. or it’s the clock just tick, tick, ticking……. our reluctant waker wakes each reluctant ear to hear the morning crawling out of every corner of the room as still reluctantly the sunrise rises still reluctant but bleeding not a sound…. not a whisper nor a hush as all breath becomes reluctantly absorbed…….. the reluctant waker now reluctantly awake stands reluctantly on both reluctant feet in ponder…..


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