icky-licky-sticky, 3rd December 2016

the gloves are off!…. December’s here and that seems to be all the permission some need to plaster their houses in some of the most tacky consumer’mas light displays ever… no, I’m not turning into Mr Grump-mas, well at least not any more than usual, but if you’re going to insult the neighbours senses with tack, tack and more tack then approbrium seems appropriate……. it could be done with such subtlety and taste should one wish to emblazon the next 4 weeks of night with lights and not an onslaught of OCD LED’s and wobbly‘flatables precariously clinging for dear life to the tiles…… and here it comes again….. all the good intentions to send out Christmas cards that I have in November are already dribbling away …. despite the ickyness of envelope-licking and tedium of stamp-sticking it was worth it as I always, always have an accompanying single malt and mince pie (or two) for continued sustenance……. instead I leave it and leave it and leave it until such time I can convince myself with the excuse that, “well, it’s too late now to send any”…….. but where would I send them anyway?… my once-bulging address book is woefully out-of-date and few addresses less than a handful probably still even valid/ current/ even alive…… almost everyone I ‘know’ (and I use the term loosely as I think I hardly really know anyone anymore) have become domains, or unrememberable mobile phone number (actually not even many of those)……. I can’t send a festive card to code….. I used to write loads, and I mean LOADS, repetitive strain injury LOADS… ah, but time and technology has munched away my christmas list to something as long as a haiku……. I’ll get my coat…..


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