a turnip for the books! 2nd December 2016

turnips….. again…. roadkill turnips littering the road…. it happens this time every year, turnips decorating the tarmac like breadcrumbs leading me home… coincidentally they actually do lead in the direction of my house…… and past it….. it’s no surprise at this time of year there’s a greater reluctance to get out of bed as dark remains dark for longer into the light that some days barely lighten enough to prise us off our respective mattresses…… it’s winter, here anyway, the season of hibernation when we should listen to our bodies and spend less time out and more time in, wrapped in thoughts and mugs of hot chocolate wearing huggy socks and gobbling broth…….. instead it seems it’s “just another day” to be treated like any other, come spring, summer, autumn or indeed winter….. conflicting signals from our bodies and minds telling us something totally different but largely ignored in favour of the do this, do that, three bags full treadmill’foolery…….. another day where however optimistic one is, which I never to never am anyway, we find ourselves confronted by a decreasing civility replaced by an increasing evility…….. and before you ask, no car park parking spaces aren’t getting smaller, cars are getting bigger, bulkier, inflated to mirror the egos driving them…. it’s true, studies have shown it…. yes, someone has tip-toed out to measure cars in this weather!……. cars like pets can reflect something of their owners…. one would think there been a sudden upsurge in demand for gas-guzzling, off-road, 4-wheel so-called monster trucks… seems my mind has gone astray and been hijacked by Mr Rant-Head…….. where was I?…. oh yes, in bed, still, not coming out, at least until March…… or maybe April………. or never…


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