precipicity, 30th November 2016

I misheard a sentence on the radio that should’ve been “we were all wearing overshoes” for ‘we were all wearing aubergines’….. now I carry an image of people wearing purple vegetables…….. this’ll be my last daily bloggery……. of november!…. hah! you don’t get rid of me that easily………. and once again here we are on a cusp practising the art of precipicity….. that is, the art of balancing but not very well……. it’s something I excel in, barely balancing, on my feet, in my mind, as these words trickle out like tea from a teapot balanced in my hand trying to stay inside the cup without overflowing if I just stop pouring just in the nick of time else I find myself swimming in tea from the now magically-transformed, ever-flowing, bottomless teapot that wasn’t when I picked it up but seems to be now as I look down and ponder, is that my sanity I see brimming over the brim in some bizarre mayhemical reaction of tea-meeting-cup (“hello cup, I’m tea”… “hello tea, I’m cup”), just like the red shoes which once worn one can’t stop dancing ever, so the teapot once pouring can’t stop and just keeps pouring, pouring, pouring (… don’t you dare sing “Rawhide!” and whip your whip…….. ~ obscure reference #1)….. I see it making its way to my feet and surrounding them and in between my toes rising like sea levels sticking it to humans for messing up the climate…. it feels like melting but isn’t as the warm tea covers both feet… both!….. and the tea keeps pouring, pouring, pouring from my tilted grip and all I want, what I really, really want is……… (no, not ziggazigga-ah! ….. ~obscure reference #2)… is a simple cup of tea!…….

ps… I did warn you about precipicity…..

© robert greig


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