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sock life, 28th November 2016

I’m not sure how, who, why, when or where but I’m damn sure I’m wearing socks……. now let that be a lesson not to ask daft questions…… now where was I…. yes, imagine if we didn’t exist, suddenly, gone… poof!…. as in dead, deceased, no more, extinct…… now that’s big, right!……. get your head around that… or it’s very, very small, which is just as tricky as to get your head around small things you have to scrunch yourself up equally small, maybe even smaller…….. maybe it’s a daft question too, but… but.. it isn’t a question it’s just one of those “whatifs”… and whether it comes free with single or double inverted commas is anyone’s guess……… it’s a BIG ponder at any time of the day and annoyingly has only frustrating replies…. because, basically, in a nutshell (which is also very, very small, unless it’s a coconut) not existing anymore is just that and even imagining would be out of the question and simply not happen, neither would anything else…. just a zero to the one of life….. the ultimate in opposites… here…. then not…….. we have so many lives, family life, home life, which could be different, work life, play life, even digital life now, and me-time life…. on and on and no doubt loads more… but…. but… only one dead lifepffft!….. oops! a contradictory statement……. I really must get round to putting a kill-switch into my digital life, no point that ‘me‘ hanging around like a sulky ghost when I’m not here anymore…… and there’s sock life too, those times snugged-up safe and sound from the outside world……


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