games people play, 25th November 2016

was it the woman who almost drove into me as she cruised onto a roundabout that I was already going around almost colliding because she was smoking….. or the man with a van half on the pavement half still on the road, rolling’ rollin’ rollin’ with no signal, no indication as to whether he was coming or going at a few miles an hour while answering his mobile phone……. or the man who uncertainly, half-heartedly drifted his car into a lay-by in front of me, again no signal, scrabbling for his phone that he clearly must answer and forget he was driving……… or the woman in her far to big for ones needs beast of a vehicle who I spied in my rear-view repeatedly dipping into the empty passenger seat and coming back up with a slowly diminishing sandwich roll scattering crumbs and paying occasional attention to the road (and me here in front!), not to mention she was close enough to inspect the inside of my exhaust/ tailpipe (no innuendo intended… although any closer then……………) ……..  or maybe the man on the carriageway I overtook wondering why is he drifting, back and then forth and then forth and then back over the white lane line until I looked over to see him tinkering with a laptop on the passenger seat….. I kid you not……. and all this occurred in a single 15 mile journey…….. I don’t mind stupidity so much, annoying though it is everyone does stupidity sometimes, it’s the wilful stupidity that really flicks my impatience switch…… and did I mention, smoking woman distracted blundering onto a roundabout the beginning of my blog, she had her what I guess was her 8 year old child in the front passenger seat…… but hey, what’s a bit of passive smoking between family……………


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