born under a bad sign, 24th November 2016

I spend most of my time disappointed or frustrated or both in unequal measure….. a significant proportion of every day is such… and probably in my sleep too….. and as the big ‘C’ draws closer (as in…. [hushed tones] the season to be jolly) creeping up on sleds and polar bears backs I become even more torn….. I want to be part of it and appreciate all the effort so many go to making it something slightly more special than most other days but every year the same, like peering through the wrong end of the binoculars…….. it’s not what it used to be, but we all say that after a certain age… and it isn’t…. drowning in over-consumption, such cons as so-called ‘black friday’ which now seems to extend beyond its allotted day and its tendrils beyond the online world… buy, buy, buy!!…. some fall for it every time, you can even pay someone now (I kid you not) to queue and then purchase things for you…. to “save you the trouble and time”……. and 2016 has been and continues to be exceptionally disappointing and overwhelmingly frustrating……… whenever I turn on the radio every second sentence is “brexit” or “trump(I’m not wasting capitals on him anymore) and all the blah blah fodder that goes with it…. exhausting….. in the case of our disunited kingdom of (un)great(ful) britain and northern ireland (which, incidentally, is not just called ‘england’ as some seem to think) what should we expect from those who voted not for ‘David Attenborough’ as the name for the new british antarctic survey vessel but instead ‘boaty mcboatface’… yes, all a bit of a giggle but.. seriously?….. luckily sense prevailed and the former chosen…. more than we can say for brexit….. I want to enjoy christmas (there, I said it) but…. just don’t know how…..


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