(#alt-blog) buttons, 21st November 2016

for the first time in ages I sewed on a button last night…. I haven’t sewn for years…. yes, I used to do a lot of sewing, mostly my worn-out patched-up jeans and embroidered rock band moniker-emblazoned denim jacket…… I found myself humming a tune….. turned out to be “I’m forever sewing buttons, pretty buttons on my shirt”….. though not especially pretty is worked as a button should, albeit larger than your average…… and another thing…. I thought being a country’s leader, or so-called, was about setting examples of tolerance and fairness through a process of enabling and not merely carving said country into your own image… welcome to CelebrityVille…… uncomfortable and unwanted such precedents (pun, i.e. “presidents”!) already set by Saddam Hussein literally with statues, Gaddafi, even Pol Pot, and lately Putin, current and historical despots et al leaving such shrapnel in their wakes……. a system that even allows or encourages such a thing is itself delusional, hence a notable flaw in the madness of existing forms of governance experienced in democracies and autocracies alike…… but that’s for another blog……… when the 45th president-to-be of the USA got barely elected this month I pondered, what a gift for satirists for the next four years, not only for the attitudes he espouses but everything about him… but then…. then I re-pondered, to be satirised these days  is almost a compliment and by becoming such could be construed as a vindication that you’ve “made it”……… free advertising!…….. it also seems he won’t draw on his presidents salary, yay…. but…… he can afford not too which begs the question, should someone in such a publicly-responsible role (with their finger on a certain button) be moonlighting on personal business affairs outside the Office?…… isn’t this a conflict of interest?…. I do hope someone (clearly won’t be one of his consorts of sycophants) informs the president-elect the difference between being a ‘leader‘ who enables and guides, and being a ‘ruler‘ who dictates and imposes…. one is elected to represent 100% of a population with an open mind, the other being unelected by some warped sense of divine right to decree on personal whim…… I might start sewing again, anything to take my mind off my mind….



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