uncuddled, 20th November 2016

three days ago I saw a dipper bobbing around the edge of a lake in the mountains, skipping stones and flitting under leafless willows…. two days ago I saw a grey wagtail on a river explode from its camouflage headed up-and-downy upstream from one rock to another long tail bobbing frantic in the turbulence and spray…. yesterday I saw a flock of lapwings flapping laps from take-off in a crowd to whip and flash their plumage now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t safety in numbers and just for fun…….. today the light’s yet to charge-up the sky enough to see anything but I did hear an owl from the woodland from the safety of my duvet without even raising my head off the pillow…….. I’m a birder… one ear always tuned in to the background, despite the interfering sound in my head, as that’s where all the interesting stuff happens…….. I seem fairly good at finding tiny things, which is useful if you’ve lost a tiny thing… at the same time I’ll probably not see the chinese space station heading straight for me…… some time next year it will crash to earth having reached the end of its operating life…… not even they know for sure when, nor where, how many pieces nor how big they’ll be… though they know/think that most/some/ummm should burn up on entry….. they think…… possibly/maybe/might/dum-de-dum…… it’s a common human failing, preferring to do a happy dance than see the mess to come…… as races horse wearing blinkers running hell-for-leather towards some finish line as fast as possible with a monkey on our backs and exactly sure why………. tomorrow I’ll see a something, something that’ll define the day, might be a woodlouse, but that’s cool, if we only ever cuddled the cuddly then the uncuddly would be forever uncuddled……


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