Angstlesey, 18th November 2016

gOOd morning Anglesey…. where we’re tripping over Druids, where we the serfs doff our caps to the landed gentry, where we lead the way in energy generation (!) and yet where jobs are pretty much non-existent….. is the impression a recently viewed BBC television travelogue might leave you with….. close on one count, unemployment here is mind-bogglingly high and what jobs there are are either crap or taken, or both, hence a high proportion of ‘self-employed’ running around trying to keep two frayed ends from fraying further….. as for Druids, that’s merely a quaint artefact indulged by hobbyists, well-meaning but barely if at all noticeable……. as for ‘energy‘ they are hellbent on a blinkered “eggs in one basket” approach with nuclear, nuclear, nuclear….. and yes, to a degree there are still a few gentry-type landowners, some of whom have a very ‘exclusive‘ way of lording it over their acres with a “get off my land!” mentality making swathes of land off limits……. the up-side is the island has loads of space and a low population (around 75,000), the down-side being most of that ‘space’ is inaccessible with a plethora of “keep off” and “trespassers will be prosecuted” signs…. the overlords now are the local County Council who do indeed ‘lord it’ over us…….. a Council that through a unhealthy combination of incompetence, in-fighting and corruption got taken into “special measures” not long back (something normally done to failing schools) by the Welsh Assembly with passing responsibility to a neighbouring less-in-a-mess authority, then to be given back to pretty much the very same individuals who are implementing an ‘everything must go!’ sale in the belief it’s all theirs when in fact it’s all ours….. on the hit-list are community centres, residential care homes, village halls, green spaces (too developers to build shoddy locally-unaffordable housing), heritage centres and tourist attractions (even though the islands biggest single income comes from tourism), health and leisure centres, playing fields, village schools, services like waste management, public toilets (re: tourism)…. all the while local taxes keep rising… mind the gap!…………. I know what you’re thinking, sheesh! did he get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or what!….. there are a lot of goodisms (yes I just made that word up) about here too, and I’ll no doubt blog about them sometime……. when I crawl out of the right side of the bed…….


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