unspace, 17th November 2016

(meanwhile…. further ponderings on Big Bang….)
… what’s that all about then?…. a big sudden noise in a place, i.e. Space, where there is no sound because there’s no air for it to travel through… unless… there was before the Big Bang and the bang happened in some kind of atmosphere……. deep ponders…… and the bang effectively vapourised said atmosphere……. it’s still going on by the way, the big Bang, the Bang, that Bang, as apparently what came from it, i.e. the Universe and all that, is still expanding… into what?…… don’t go there, my heads already beginning to melt…… maybe into something still to be named I could call ‘spaceless’, or to really mess with words, ‘unspace’…. space that isn’t space or Space (with a capital), not because something’s already occupying it but because it’s undefined…. they say also the expansion is slowing down, which I’m not so sure about, maybe because it’s become so HUGE now it’s doing that thing where the further away something gets the slower it seems to be moving….. why didn’t someone invent the camera back then and take a few piccies of it, that might have solved all the head-bothering…….. what? there’s a flaw in my logic?…. never! really?………. more than one me thinks……… as it was so HUGE perhaps calling it merely a Big Bang isn’t doing it justice, maybe it should be called the HUGE Bang, or Monstrous Bang, or Gargantuan Bang…… of the WTF Bang!…. I’m not sure now I should’ve tackled this ridiculously tortuous subject at such an early hour, I think I need a sit down… oh, I am sat down, ok a lie down then……


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