non-rushables, 16th November 2016

I was going to write something but decided to write something else instead… do you ever get that, the feeling to write something other than the thing that’s sitting there on the tip of your skull and decide for reasons whatever decide on something different in place of the one at the front of the queue?….. well… that’s what I did and have done and as such here it is while the something I didn’t will sooner or later be writ…. you can’t rush a good thing… like cooking… and eating…… and digesting….. the more you’re involved with the whole process of choosing, preparing and cooking the more so much more you get out of it…… all senses enticed by the anticipation……. fast food won’t do it… ready meals the same… convenient yes and may fill a hole for about 5 minutes or so but sooner than soon is a let-down.. or worse depending on what you ate…….. coffee the same, instant’s all good and well and carries a flavour all of its own but freshly-brewed coffee that’s ready when ready and only when ready just can’t be replaced……. tea is the same, from the caddy to spoon to pot and the water ensconced under cosy for as long as it takes depending on what tea it is………  you can’t rush gardens, it’s never just add water, voila!…. a series of moments, a work in progress, a book with no end……. it takes time and you’ll never rush time which simply take the time that it takes, the goldilocks of non-rushables….. you can’t rush a poem or any writing worth its punctuation…. and sex, mustn’t forget that, most definitely not to be rushed, ingredients only as much or as little, unveiled and revealed and just when the appetite’s right.


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