just because, 10th November 2016

here I sit with words in hand sitting in my palms…… so innocent and virgin as they perch on every finger running circles in my palms as though skating on an ice rink…. I ponder whether I should or not disturb them so that I can fashion them into something other than the random scrum that skitters scurriedly….. it seems a shame…… a pang of guilt but I have to let them go, fledge, release them into the wild to make their own mistakes…. as they will……. they’ll be misunderstood, misinterpreted, mistranslated, cut and paste and even quite probably edited within an inch of the semi-colon……. they’ll possibly be quoted, probably misquoted, criticised, circumcised and maybe even ostracised……… they could get ‘liked‘  or not, or shared, or not, maybe could be tweeted, or retweeted though we know that has the lifespan of a mayfly……. they might even get mistreated and abused, beaten, bruised or broken or left to fade upon a  printed page in a shaft of filtered sunlight, yellowing, vanishing……… they could get spoken, inked onto a voice, read out loud, fashioned into timbre, tone of rise and falls, framed in accents, press record and there… there it is…….. carved into a sound……. I might keep some back though, just for me, just because……


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