(#alt-blog) have a nice day, 10th November 2016

[ my #alt-blog is what it is, alternative to my usual daily blog…… take it or leave it ]

Well done America, you’ve just lost any shred of respect the rest of the world had for you. I imagine based on the rhetoric thus far you don’t really care. So you won’t be seeing me over there any time soon, although again according to the rhetoric you wouldn’t want me anyway.

….. abandon all hope all ye who enter here…….

You can take heart from knowing your incoming ‘leader in chief’ is going going to ‘heal‘ the divisions which he was responsible for creating, now that is a clever political strategy from someone who sets themselves outside the political mainstream. Still, you did gift a  certain Russian leader exactly what he wanted, so all is fine then.

But akin to the ‘Brexit’ debacle here in the UK it’s clear that not every one wanted the outcome that came out. Both brexit and the US election were close with neither able to claim as “overwhelming” or “landslide“. Both also exhibiting a desire for a degree of balance and proportionality rather an either/ or.  In fact more voted against the soon-to-be 45th president.  That is, if you look at actual individuals votes known as the Popular Vote and not the electoral college system which was established way back when communications were slow and not what they are today suggesting it to be a questionable and out-dated system.  More individuals, percentages and actual people, voted for the runner-up with a significant proportion electing for one of the other three.  Yes, there were actually five candidates in this circus though you’d be lucky to find any coverage on those in a frenzy fuelled on money and media sensationalism.

I’ve just erected a sign facing westwards that reads “Britain welcomes all US refugees”.

But wait, hold yer horses!……..  with Brexit and all that it’s ‘clear‘ now we must spurn and regard all “foreigners” with lashings of suspicion, as seems unwritten in our a-wink-is-as-goods-as-a-nod Intolerance policy, so if you must come then be prepared to spend months in a leaky tent by the side of the road eating your own passport and cooking socks in a place we’ll affectionately call “The Bungle”.  That is until we get around to then moving you unceremoniously to an also no doubt affectionately-named ‘Transit Camp’ which will be welcomingly adorned and lovingly-decorated in razor wire and perhaps a bit of traditional barbed-wire for that ‘festive feel’.  Inclusive of guards who, and I truly means this, are there for ‘your‘ benefit. We wouldn’t want you getting lost in the system would we now.

Once safely snuggled into your plush new environs we’ll decide whether your DNA is compatible and ever-so pure enough to be allowed to mingle with our ‘British‘(?) stock, no doubt used in the same way to define what a ‘true American’ is. Should it be you’re not then (sharp intake of breath) you’ll be neatly locked and loaded into a suitable container and catapulted back across the briny sea from whence you came with a big “clear and present danger” stamped in your half-chewed passport, a punctilious wave and a “have a nice day”.  It’s the least we can do, “hands across the ocean” and all that, we’ll even throw in a cheery faretheewell while singing “we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…..”

After all, we take our cue from the shining example set thus far by your new no-nonsense aforementioned ‘leader of the free world’(!), man with a plan, with his finger on the button…… as we say here, “happy days” (groan).

The one silver lining is that at long last our media can stop being so obsessed with the US elections and get back to more important news, after all there is a whole world out there…. though I fear this may be a fools-silver….

….. and another thing…… what is it with this mantle “leader of the free world”?  This self-styled epithet assuming that there is a definable ‘free world’….. which includes where, and who’s allowed through the door of this clearly exclusive club and who’s black-balled?

….. that somehow this rank ennobles it an unspoken mandate over peoples and places it clearly has no say nor rights.  It’s an emperors cloak will soon drape over the shoulders of one who wants to not only curtail freedoms of movement into the US but also freedoms of choice within their own soon-to-be-erected, freshly forged ‘iron curtain’.

….. welcome to ‘Cold War- Take #2′…. I hope you haven’t eaten both of your socks just yet……….. happy days.