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swipe-swipe bobble dark, 9th November 2016

early…. stupid early……. I can’t sleep….. I can’t sleep so I listen to the night……. I can hear dark…… it’s out there being dark, sounding dark, moving as dark, it is in fact reliably dark…… hear it?…….. don’t speak, it’s too early to talk, there should be a prohibition on all talking until after breakfast…. at least!……. I stalk dark like a ninja… with my ears…… or actually more like a medicine ball… and why are they called medicine balls anyway…. obvious, they are for health, meant to be good for you, throwing about  lumpen lump of basically bladder….. you read it here folks!……. maybe I was still traumatised watching University Challenge on TV last night, which I do to torture myself as to how much I don’t know……. or could be the fact that the BBC pulled the daily morning Shipping Forecast for some continued b*ll*cks about some election somewhere other than here whose importance has been blown way out of galactical proportions…….. the Shipping Forecast! …. I ask you, now that’s just a slap too far… it’s the Shipping Forecast, you simply can’t do that….. I got them back by not turning my radio on at all this morning, nor my computer til now, and my phone is simply a phone, no ‘smart’ no internet, no swipey-swipe-swipe…….. I did some yoga, listened to the dark eventually turning itself inside out into light….. clever isn’t it…. until it turns itself inside out again and voila! dark once more…. just like a reversible bobble hat, without the bobble of course, although you can’t have a bobble hat without the bobble, that’s just wrong…….


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