shadow pangs, 6th November 2016

it’s always good to start with a once upon a time… I came upon a shadow while wandering among a plethora of other shadows, all largely nondescript of little and it is I took no note and carried on and wandered through… but this one just one single one caught my eye as there was something slightly different, dare I say it, notable… and then a thought came over me as thoughts most often do and this thought brought the thought that maybe I could cook it….. cook the shadow…. it seemed to make sense at the time, especially as I’d been nurturing hunger pangs for nearly an hour.. and hunger pangs can’t be ignored……. so cook it, I thought with the thought of a thought with a mind of its own, so, I wondered and pondered what spices and herbs might bring out the best of this plan….. but then…… pondered and wondered and maybe just maybe I should find what it tastes just on its own…… I could eat it raw but that way lies madness, surely that’s obvious and obviously so….. so….. now to the puzzle of what I should use…… if a pan then what pan, a frying pan maybe a cooking pot, and do I fry it or boil it or maybe I’d grill it or spread it on bread, or parboil then casserole……. but what if I bake it or poach it or even kebab it….. but wait just a minute, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…. what is this shadow, a vegetable, meat, or maybe a pulse or maybe just maybe a fruit…… before I could answer myself in that way that we talk to ourselves I turned to the shadow only to find it’d gone…… shadownapped!… damn, beans on toast then instead….


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