the perfect word, 5th November 2016

water, water everywhere and….  so much soddin’ water…… and there I stood as on a ship being blattered by rain to the sound of the sea and a clatter of fireworks I’ve come to see, voluntarily!… am I off my head? quite probably so…… strafing the sky, waking the dead and generally begging attention from multitude masses who poured onto streets and into the veritable paddling pool that the town had become as I pondered on building an ark….. oh how we danced!…. thought didn’t but stood still instead as we stared in the dark as you do when determined to wring every drip of enjoyment from fireworks trashing the night with their “look at me, look at me, pretty is me”…. to give them their due they’re determined…… and we looked and we ooh’d and we ahh’d with occasional overheard woahs for good measure as the water got wetter and the ground groaned soggily, groggily drunk as we were on the wizzes and bangs and the fizzes haranguing the sleepily slumber of night while the clothes on our backs clinging stubbornly sodden and grateful I wasn’t a pillar of salt as I wouldn’t be sitting here now a dry version of me to be greeted by owls, well actually one with a definite ‘hoot‘ in the way that they hoot til a blackbird alarmed “it’s an owl, it’s an owl!” but not in those words as that would be clearly absurd….. so why am I here in this somewhere-not-there a long way from home but not far?…… to find a word, the perfect word, the one that may/ may not exist…… is it here, is it there, is it under my shoe?… don’t ask me, I don’t even speak owl.



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