bee’ery, 4th November 2016

I would have thought an apiary would be somewhere you’d find apes and a bee’ery would be for bees but seems not…. curiouser and curiouser…. to have a purpose or not have a purpose, I wonder what mine is……. some find theirs pretty soon and trot through their lives fulfilling it, albeit perhaps a little wonkily but nevertheless, while others with tapping fingers and pondering toes just wait… and wait….
and wait…
and wait….
and despite all this weighty waiting still never work out what’s the point for them…… disillusionment, bitterness, disconnect, dis-c-o-n-n–c—e—-t……. fading a bit more every day til they blandly blend into the vaguest shade of grey…… to be or not to be(e)….. what?…… there’s those bees again, being busy buzzers as is their way…… to buzz or not to buzz, that is the question…. to buzz of course if you’re a bee, what else….. why we marvel at how they find their way around and tell others where they’ve been is beyond me, they are all bees being bees speaking ‘bee‘ and am sure they don’t look at us and wonder, how do they manage to find their way around, it’s like magic!…. they just do what they do, going from A to B (more bees!) to C to D and back again chatting B(ee) to B(ee) along the way…………. I’m sure you’d understand me perfectly if I danced in circles waggling my bottom in your direction….. so many different words for the posterior, I could’ve chose any but ‘bottom‘ couldn’t help itself getting in there first, two syllables is better than one surely and more than enough as three would be bragging….. and it begins with…. ‘B’……… some people get bee’ery after spending too long in the pub.


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