cuspish, 2nd November 2016

you distracted me….. here we are already tripping over Novembers dodgy doorstep almost but not quite tumbling into the gaping gap…. ah, October, October, wherefore art tho October… oh, you’re gone, I’m sure you’ll pop up again some time in the future, you always do, but next time maybe you can <snug> yourself up better against November so there’s not a bloody huge hole big enough to let the afterlife through and then more!……. ok, a day late I know, welcome to November, three cheers… no?… ok one will do then… ok, maybe later…. I flipped all my calendars finally after they too spent a WHOLE day thinking it was still October….. I like calendars, the more the merrier, as long as they aren’t those cheesily twee ones, you know what I mean, right?…….. with titles like “cute wildlife”, really?  ‘cute’ and ‘wild’ in the same sentence, really!?…… or pot plants or what I call ‘generic landscape’, could be anywhere and usually is being the most mind-bogglingly boring photos alongside their usually mind-bogglingly dull subject……. choosing the right calendar for the right person is a skill, and I prefer not to buy my own but rely on being given them, hoping (sometimes against hope) that they engage their brain when choosing for me…… yes, calendars are on my christmas list every year……. so achy and weary at the moment, struggling to even do my daily exercise, even my yoga, which depresses me immensely…… mind and body not cooperating, sluggish the pair of them, makes me want to cry….. a grown man cry!…… don’t be a wuss, didn’t the bullies teach you anything when beating the living daylights out of you, boys don’t cry, and certainly not men…. get a grip!… pull yourself together…….


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