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seep, 1st November 2016

driving home across the island through the twilight mist seeping in as gradual as night…. seeping into muscle, bones, tendons, every molecule of air a moistened kiss….. a chill that comes to rest upon every naked branch, smothering, smothering, becoming silhouette becoming faceless til consumed by dark….. all hallows follows me catching up, surrounding me, overtaking filling in the gaps of light I try to reach but haven’t reached quite yet…. and never will in time before……. I know they’re there, behind me, in the dimming rear-view mirror only briefly scared away by a shattering of headlights closer, closer, overtaking, gone…….. all hallows, filling in the wake… seep, the tangible intangible…. I know they’re there, behind me, they brush against the raddled trail of my taillights once again their hallows hunger feeds…… seeping in, seeping in… seeping in upon the warmth that trickles through the heater here inside my metal comfort zone, night becoming static as it deepens into darker hues extinguishing the clues…… they’re here, to dog my tracks, surrounding me from front to back and side to side leaving nought to chance…… waiting, waiting, waiting for their moment….. without a sound, without a scent, without a touch beyond a touch that isn’t there and is… driving home across the island through the seeping, the seeping…. they are there…


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