mapping the clock, 24th October 2016

what’s better than a bright autumn day, a bookshop, walls of books, a cup of coffee, three well-known poets, a new book of poems, fellow literature-lovers……. the day: last Saturday, town: Caernarfon, bookshop: Palas Print, coffee: fair trade americano, black of course, poets: (1) Gillian Clarke, previous National Poet of Wales; (2) Ifor ap Glyn, new National Poet of Wales; (3) Imtiaz Dharker, poet, filmmaker and if there ever was an international poet laureate then it would be her, the book launch: “The Map and the Clock”, a choice of poetry from the first written poem in the UK right up to new writings, compiled by by the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and aforementioned Gillian Clarke…. among the scent of books and coffee, what could be better, as the poets read selected pieces from this new tome to the selected audience bound like the books themselves shoulder to shoulder between the mute shelves of a plethora of writers there and not there occasionally tempting me to sneak a look in a book that I happened to find my glance glance a peek, and you know you just know when your interest is piqued that resistance if futile and you just have to let the book fall slip into your fingers for a casual perusal at least………. a pleasure and a privilege to have this on my doorstep (so to speak), a proper independent bookshop  and one where such luminaries just wander in like anyone else speaks volumes…. and, coffee, excellent coffee, coffee among books, thousands of books, who needs wallpaper when you have books to line each and every wall….. much thanks Palas Print for simply being….

my own signed copy!

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