brrr… 19th October 2016

so what do we have here….. brexit, brexiteers, bremain, bremainers…. and worst of all.. br’moaners… calamitous concatenations of the shuddering kind… maiming and mutilating words all because a simpleton loves a snappy soundbite…. compounding prejudice, bitterness and division predicated on smoke and mirrors…. welcome, welcome to the “Big(oted) Society” where propaganda propagates to pacify the small-minded….. Britain (as in ‘br’) leaving the EU (as in ‘exit’)… get it?…. yes, brexit, crap isn’t it… sounding more like a tablet for a complaint you never talk about and if you must then only in embarrassed hushed tones…… at least the UK will eventually leave as voted for by the thinnest of majorities in the referendum, and far from evenly-so across the entire country’s millions….. so how do you like your brexit?…… ‘hard‘ or ‘soft‘…….. “do you feel lucky punk?”….. either way it won’t be over-easy nor sunny-side up and more akin to scrambled………. a ‘hard brexit’ will be like throwing the oars out of your life raft and hoping you’ll float to some unknown promised land….. whereas a ‘soft brexit’ would be like sticking an inordinately large pin in your raft and hoping these seven seas of lies will hit land before… well, the inevitable…….. what were you expecting, a choice?……. in years to come no doubt new words will enter the brexicon, a veritable brexiary of brollocks spouted by brexitologists and brexonomists from the School of Brexitology, or more catchily, ‘brexperts‘ (shortened from brexitexperts as being too many syllables for tabloids) …. and instead of bewailing something’s “gone to hell in a handcart” it’ll be, “it’s all gone brexit!”

© Robert Greig 2016


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