soupermoon, 17th October 2016

oh moon oh moon
oh supermoon
you make me swoon oh supermoon
or should I call you
or do I just presume I know you too well
when I see you up there above the sky
almost not quite nearly every night,

oh moon oh moon
oh big, big moon
you big, big, big, big, BIG, big moon
shining like a silver spoon
that I could use to scoop a scoop
of space from Space
as though I’m eating soup,

up there distant
far away
far beyond my reach although my reach is long
I still can’t quite
can’t quite…… just…….. reach,

Oh moon oh moon
so many tunes
have been composed with you in mind
what would you think is
you had ears
would you like them even listen?
or just wonder why you’ve sprouted ears
when what you are’s a moon
a supermoon admittedly
but ears would just be weird,

oh moon oh moon
you lump of rock
how do you stay a-floating such
when every stone I
hurl up high comes
back down like a… well… stone
yet there you sit a heavy lump
pretending you’re  cloud
as light as all the light you pour
into my room at night,

(which by the way
is not conducive for my sleep
but hey-ho hey-ho hey-ho-ho)

oh moon oh moon
you’ve come to croon
your silent song that I can’t hear
as silent songs they tend to be
and from so far, so far from here
it’s no surprise that’s so…

so moon oh moon
you may resume
you rolling, rolling, rock ‘n’ rollin’
to where you need to be
just making sure you
stay up there
don’t crash into the sea
though actually you’re really small
no bigger than my thumb
I know because I held it up
and tested to be sure…..

and sure enough as sure is sure
you aren’t that big not big at all,

oh supermoon
oh soopermoon
oh soupermoon
you make me think of soup
instead I’ll sip my tea and bid
adieu, that’s all,
and end my ode
as all odes end
and must they do they mustly end
right here and at the
very, very, very, very…… end.

© robert greig

…….. not a poem nor a rhyme just a stream of lines that got away when I was distracted making porridge….


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