if it wasn’t for, 16th October 2016

if it wasn’t for the sneezing, the sniffles, the coughs, the headaches a-throbbing, the throat that’s a-tickling, the nagging and niggling and nauseating nasal shenanigans, a nose that’s a-running and mountains of tissues all used and abused with every diffusion of threatening dribbling seeping its way from inside the edge of each nostril thus prompting  a blow that’s so mighty as to wake up oblivion wondering, wondering how so much of that mucus can really be up there nestled and snuggly wedged inside and hid between eyes…… the aching, the weariness, craving for sleep and not able to sleep for the impending sneeze that impends then sneezes to richter scale measurement 4, and then there’s the ears that all at once hear like there’s sheep living happily in both ears at once such is the woolliness passage of sound that muffled its offerings so…. if it wasn’t for the taste buds not tasting at all or not very much and even when bothered make food seem like strangers you’ve never before had the pleasure to know and now wish you hadn’t at all…… when your brain can’t remember where in the world, or your skull, is your mind and each thought becomes scrambled as eggs that are scrambled  and burnt to the base of a pan, and when daylight is squintingly squinting your eyes and your pillow becomes your best friend……. if it wasn’t for all these things and probably more then having a cold would be so much fun……………………


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