luncher in the rye, 14th October 2016

so what’s for lunch?…… well, let me see……. how’s about this……..
warm some sunflower oil in a pan…..
finely-chop garlic two or three cloves will do…
not as finely-dice onion into small not chunky pieces, half a massive one or a whole medium sized… or two small ones….. covering all eventualities here…..
finely slice (not grate) half a courgette, and how big your courgette is I just don’t know you’ll just have to wing it here… follow my principle, you can’t go wrong with more rather than less……
grate (not slice) one carrot, one goodly-sized one that is, or two small ones….. tricky without pictures isn’t it…….
add one spoonful, soup spoon-sized, of dried cranberries which are best pre-soaked but if not no mind…….
as extra you can add pumpkin seeds too for ‘bite‘ but not really needed, save them for another meal……..
this bit is optional but I added tuna chunks, from a tin, I know but it’s so simple and cheap that way and just as nice….
pop all into the warm oil and stir in adding a palm of grated black pepper….. and sniff…..
after say, 10 minutes, or so stir in a teaspoon of green pesto….. and if like me you just realised you don’t have enough then include some tomato puree as well to bind the ingredients…….. by the way, it’ll serves two people…..
put two-per-person slices of flat rye bread (the yeast-free rye bread) into the oven…. it’s often maligned and I think it’s because they taste better warmed-up which lightens their texture and taste….. set for 10 minutes at 180 degrees C…… dum-de-dum…..
when all ready simply serve out after adding spread or butter to your rye bread…… then fork lumps of your slop, or meal, onto slices of rye and … eat!


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