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hypnoguised, 12th October 2016

it’s debatable as to what will do for us first…… climate change… global warming… both!….. asteroid impact……. midges!… oh yes those dratted minuscule, maddening monsters……. politicians!…. specifically those who refer to themselves in the third person (never trust anyone who does this, it’s a sure sign of not being of this planet), name whole buildings with their own name, regard authoritarian dictators as role models and vilify whole groups of people as their ‘bitches‘…….. oh yes, or the zombie apocalypse of course, can’t forget that one…….. though some would say it’s already happening/ed with an burgeoning number of eyes glued to map apps to work out where they are instead of simply looking up……. it’s a race to the bottom and winner take all…. for whatever remains will be worth, which my guess is….. not a lot……. while all around are increasingly encouraged to view the world through screens, on television, through cameras, on phones…. ((ponder: I thought technology was meant to give us more free time, I’m busier than ever now))…… increasingly encouraged to view the world as a show, entertainment, celebrity fodder-farms… at the press of a button of course…. on the self-same screens feeding your hypnoguise… even the news has background music fuelling the mood and emotion it insists you feel…….. for my downbeat blog I must apologise…. but in me defence…… oh no! I’m doing a donald!….. apologising without actually being sorry…. sorry about that, in my defence it’s sooo easy to do….. anybody want to buy a preloved planet?


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