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appleopolis, 11th October 2016

sometimes sounds don’t come from where I think they come from….. and things don’t always move quite how I expected them too move……. sometimes they don’t move when I thought they did leaving me with a squiggle in my brain defying defining……. sometimes touch doesn’t feel like I expected it…. touching or being touched…… when I touch something or someone am I touching it or them, or are they or it touching me?……. push and pull.. or equilibrium?……. minor adjustments to keep a sense of perspective… >balance<… which isn’t easy when gravity for all its cleverness seems to constantly be itching to catch us off-guard…… an apple fell from one of my apple trees…. I assumed it was from an apple tree as an apple falling from any other tree would be markedly surreal…. or a plum, or pear…….. or a robin distracted by an apple falling, forgetting to hold on to its perch and toppling itself to the almost-ground but pulling up at the very last heart-stopping second…….. even though I hadn’t seen it I knew it was an apple…. or assumed, knowing that of all the fruit in my garden the apples are the heaviest and every single tree is pregnantly bursting with them this year…… anybody want any apples?… mostly cookers, bramleys, of one kind or another… there are even a few eaters…… I have an uncountable quantity of them now filling every single bucket, basket and box I have, and there are still even more just… just… just out of reach determined to hang on……. or persuade me to get a ladder……. I’m still not sure which of the windfalls, or self-falls, littering the ground was the actual one I heard thud to earth…….


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