mediacene, 10th October 2016

maybe we could call now, this now, this very now, right here right now now the ‘mediacene‘….. in geological time terms some want to name it the anthropocene…. because of dominant impact of humans on well pretty much everything… in most cases it seems f*cking it all up…….. increasingly though it’s media that seems to be running the show, feeding the beast, running amok and making a decided mockery of anything and everything…… television, internet, mobile technologies, we are expected now to all be media-savvy or be damned and swept away in what is increasingly becoming a tsunami of petulance that seems ever-prevalent….. it’s turning entire populations into children, dependent puppies in the same way pet dogs are kept in perpetual puppydom and essentially not allowed to grow up…. as if they do they become grown ups with the power to assert themselves…… you can’t have pets not knowing their place… and neither can your audience be anything other than obedient passives prepared to submit to their subliminal wiles……. it’s not information we are bombarded with, it’s repetition…… repetition cements, ingrains and normalises a message whether it’s right or wrong….. a tweet that’s a lie is just a lie unless it’s retweeted and retweeted ultimately becoming a ‘truth‘……. and we are back in the schoolyard, innocent and gullible looking for those who feed our ego and reinforce our prejudice, smiting all who dare challenge what you ‘know‘ you know….. welcome back again to monday, what can I say, good luck….


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