the sound of my ears, 8th October 2016

I’m often asked what kind of music I like… or listen too….. or am into….. to which I pause, waiting for my brain to impossibly condense an answer that won’t take a week to explain… because…… I like lots…. and there are lots I don’t like…. but the lots I do like can’t be put into a single genre….. music is snuggled up there in my dna, inextricably signed, sealed and delivered….. I like ‘old‘ music, which is like a framework, the bedrock of what sonorously wriggles in my ears…. and I like new music, it’s an endless flowing source of this addiction…. I like stuff I haven’t heard yet but have a strong feeling I will… my excitment over new releases never diminished….. I’m a music nerd and could go on and on… and on and on… and on and one about it, hence any answer to this question could easily become a marathon…. also been asked to choose my top ten…. impossible….. I tried, it always ends up at least ten times longer……. instead this is what’s been feeding my voracious ears this week, the albums (yes, I buy albums)… in order though not all consecutively by the way….. and here is the far from exhaustive list…….

Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”
Hawkwind “The Machine Stops”
Magenta “the Twenty Seven Club”
Rush “Clockwork Angels”
Midnight Oil “Redneck Wonderland”
Journey “Escape”
Neil Young “Zuma”
Black Sabbath “Dehumanizer”
Shooglenifty “Solar Shears”
Big Big Train “English Electric Vol 2”
Robert Fripp and Brian Eno “The Equatorial Stars”
Richard Thompson “Front Parlour Ballads”

voila! ….. and on and on and on it could go……… follow the bouncing ball over the hills and far away too infinity and beyond…………..


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