sofa squash, 5th October 2016

ok, let me begin again….. I have tried six times to write this blog and every time I start it I find the thoughts just trickle away…….. politicians, well, what can you say that hasn’t already been said, thought, or indeed written…….. we don’t trust them yet we put our trust in them… we vote for them and yet barely believe a word that trips out of their mealy mouths… and for those who don’t vote, well, you’re no better….. you’ve surrendered your trust becoming a mere passenger, pacified…… voting’s like being the driver of a car, you don’t make the rules of the road you abide by but at least you choose which arrows you follow…….. it’s a game….. one of the many endless games people play…. you won’t change a entrenched system of any kind from within because you merely become the very thing from the outside you despised….. at least from the outside you can nip at their heels and even though it won’t change the size of their shoes it might make them reconsider their choice of footwear……. what AM I talking about?!…….. good grief, it’s that time of blog when an exclamation mark gets cosy with a question mark…… a sure sign there’s toads on the road ahead….. am I making sense?…. of course I’m not, don’ be daft…….. politics make my brain hurt and yet there’s no getting away from it…. it’s everywhere!…. I even found some inside my boots…… and under my fingernails…. come to me sofa, my haven, altogether now “I’m a couch potato, a couch potato”, or should that be a sofa squash… unless that sounds more like an ‘sport‘?


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